Some creative time

Keith and Jamie took the afternoon and went for a bike ride, exploring downtown and getting some lunch while they were out. Ann and Mom stayed with me and we pulled out a small wool felt kit I had here and stitched some stockings. Ann loves handwork and has ordered a couple wool appliqué kits and I thought she could use the practice since it’s been a while since she’s done any.

Mom doesn’t like handwork as much but she made one too.

I enjoy handwork, embroidery and small appliqué projects (hand appliqué) but between my quilting, crochet, and knitting I don’t have the time to devote to it and I’m not willing to do less of the others! However, we had a fun afternoon stitching together.


  1. Thank you sharing such beautiful pictures of your Mom and family. Great memories for all of you!

  2. Great job, Ladies! They all look great and now the kits aren’t just awaiting their turn for attention. Win/win all around. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Mary did you know that a version of your churn dash and star quilt is kicking up quite a storm on the Kaffe Fassett Face Book page? Debra Dubuke Komar made in KF fabrics as a wedding present. 182 comments and counting!

  4. Very cute ornaments. I am not a fan of hand work but do love handmade wool items. Maybe I should try a little kit and see how it goes. You always think of fun things to do.

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