Some creative time

Keith and Jamie took the afternoon and went for a bike ride, exploring downtown and getting some lunch while they were out. Ann and Mom stayed with me and we pulled out a small wool felt kit I had here and stitched some stockings. Ann loves handwork and has ordered a couple wool appliqué kits and I thought she could use the practice since it’s been a while since she’s done any.

Mom doesn’t like handwork as much but she made one too.

I enjoy handwork, embroidery and small appliqué projects (hand appliqué) but between my quilting, crochet, and knitting I don’t have the time to devote to it and I’m not willing to do less of the others! However, we had a fun afternoon stitching together.

7 thoughts on “Some creative time

  1. Mary did you know that a version of your churn dash and star quilt is kicking up quite a storm on the Kaffe Fassett Face Book page? Debra Dubuke Komar made in KF fabrics as a wedding present. 182 comments and counting!


  2. Very cute ornaments. I am not a fan of hand work but do love handmade wool items. Maybe I should try a little kit and see how it goes. You always think of fun things to do.


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