On my design wall

I kind of dislike assembling quilts back to back – it’s my least favorite part of quilting – but since I finished the Chandelier blocks yesterday, they went up on the design wall as soon as I finished photographing the Hourglass top. I found a turquoise/green fabric in stash that I’m going to use for the setting triangles, a small border, and the binding. I think I bought it at the same time I bought the charm packs although they aren’t from the same fabric line … I just can’t remember for sure since it was a year or so ago. I’m probably going to play a little more with the arrangement of these blocks before I start to assemble them.

Here’s a closer look at the setting triangle fabric.


  1. I love how those blocks seem to “cascade”, don’t you? They also kinda look like wrapped pieces of saltwater taffy. I can’t believe you’re this far along on this already! Do you EVER sleep? LOL!

  2. Love that blue/green fabric for the border – really showcases the other colors.
    What’s the story with the block above the bottom-right-corner block?

    • It’s turned the wrong way!! I still have some arranging to do before I start sewing this one together.

  3. Beautiful, I need to make more time for my sewing room, your tops inspire me. One question , are they 8″ blocks ?

    • You could certainly make these 8 inch blocks but I’m starting with charm squares so my blocks are 9 inches unfinished, 8.5 inches finished.

  4. Those setting triangles really make the blocks shine. I am always too cautious about selecting backgrounds and setting triangle options. I need to be brave and select some bolder choices like this one.

    • I agree with Sara. Great quilt. And the hat. Made some a couple of years ago but think I might do some more. You’re very inspirational

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