My Chandelier top is assembled! It’s another top that I went back and forth on whether or not to add borders. I’d even cut one for this quilt but my quilts tell me when they need a border and this one said it did NOT and I think the setting triangles stand out better without adding a border.

Take my advice, if you haven’t done something in a while stop and think it through and do a little research if you need to. I have NOT done an on point set in a long time but it’s simple right? You just assemble the rows diagonally – it’s not difficult! But for some reason, I kept messing up my pressing direction – I could not think sideways and I can’t tell you how many seams I re-pressed!

I used Charm squares for my quilt and didn’t use a pattern but do a search on google or Pinterest for Chandelier quilt and you’ll see lots of examples. It’s an easy one to make and I think it looks great. You’ll see most of the examples used white/background setting triangles but I don’t like quilts with too much “white” space and I think choosing a coordinating fabric for the setting triangles finishes it off nicely!

Someone also pointed out to me that there’s a free pattern from Jordan fabrics call Beads although I think that one uses fat quarters and not Charms so the block dimensions might be different.


  1. I cannot believe you’ve already got this set together, girl! I, too, like to do diagonal settings tho I get confused about how many blocks I’ll need. I like the look, tho, & don’t know why I don’t use it more often. Do you cut your side & end triangles oversize? I always do because I like my blocks to “float”. WTG! What’s next on your list?

  2. I’ve been sewing up chandelier blocks too – using white, and I probably would have used white setting triangles too. You’ve made me reconsider that – so now I’ll have to pull out my yardage bins to see what I can find for the triangles!

  3. I love the way your quilt turned out!! I also like the triangles with a different color, great idea. I’m not a fan of a lot of white either and have been rethinking some of the background colors for quilts I plan to make. I believe Missouri Quilt Co. has a You Tube tutorial for a chandelier quilt. She uses precuts but I don’t know which ones for this quilt.

  4. It’s beautiful Mary! I really like the blue border triangles. I went to Jordan fabrics and copied off the pattern, but really would like a pattern that lets me use some of my many 5″ squares I’ve collected. I watched Donna’s You Tube video from Jordan Fabrics. She certainly makes it look easy. Wow, love her sewing space too! I’m looking forward to seeing what pattern you use for the quilting.

  5. It’s beautiful and all that color makes it so striking. Your choice of background fabric is great! Just enough white!

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