Hunter Star

I am planning to sew a little tonight but I thought I’d show you the progress Mom made on the Hunter Star we were working on when she was here.

This one started as a lap size quilt that I was making but Mom really wanted a bed size quilt in the same fabrics I was using but was afraid it was too many blocks to make herself so I gave her my finished blocks and helped her make the other blocks before she left. She has it done except for the last border that I told her I’d help her with. One of these days I’ll make some more blocks for a lap size quilt, they’re easy to make with the GO die.

10 thoughts on “Hunter Star

  1. It’s gorgeous! My pink and grey Hunters Star is waiting in line at the long arm quilter. I really do love the pattern.

  2. I don’t blame her for wanting your blocks — as goreous as this is, I’d want a big quilt, too! I love the colors & the border fabric is PERFECT with the blocks! Will you use these same colors in yours?

  3. That quilt is beautiful and love the colors!! I have wanted to make a Hunters Star quilt for a couple of years. One of these days I will get it done. Your mother did a wonderful job!!

  4. Oh that is so pretty. When I saw it before I really admired all the colors you’d used… Hunter Star is such a beautiful pattern… I have made a blue version but I used Thangles which actually seemed like an awful lot of work. Maybe someday I’ll try the pattern again (minus Thangles). How nice to have a GO die.

  5. Hello Mary,

    Unfortunately I can not speak English well and so please excuse mistakes. But now I have to write. I follow your blog via email and admire all the beautiful quilts you do. Even if you are often not feeling well. I myself am chronically ill and often fail and often cannot patchwork. I admire your strength and energy and am always happy about your blog posts. I also thank you for being humble and not making a big fuss and doing business with all of this.

    The Hunter star is particularly beautiful. Too bad that you need a device to imitate it and that there is no manual for the Ruler.

    I also admire her beautiful knitting. I only do patchwork and have given up all other hobbies. Unfortunately, I can’t spend much time on my hobby. But my small family and very close friends love my patchwork.

    I really wish you and your family a blessing from the heart of God and also good health and many good times with the family and with our hobby.

    Kind regards from the heart

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