This is top #4 of 6 brought back from the Maine sew-in – A Sharon inspired HeartString quilt pieced by Barbara. Unlike our usual scrappy HeartStrings quilts these are more planned and You can see brief instructions for them on the website.

Pantograph is Dollop and it’s similar to Mermaid Fingers that I used earlier this week but more linear. I think I like this one better.

I also got the last row of blocks done on the Map quilt so that one is ready for assembly.


  1. Hi Mary! Yes, this panto does look very similar to the one you showed earlier this week. Is this a pre-programmed design? Just curious if you have to follow the paper pattern, or does your machine have some memory that is can store the design once it gets going? This quilt looks so nice and squishy. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. I think I agree re the panto… this one just seems to “hang together” better (IMHO). This quilt is awesome… I love the bright & “dull” colors (no, that’s not a dis… I just can’t think of how else to describe them). I like the interplay between the colors. Great job! Feeling any better at all?

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