I have one more of the Maine tops left to quilt but decided to do this little Strippie first since I could use the same thread that was already on the machine. Just some simple freehand swirls and watery meandering. I love that whale fabric!

I’m sure most of you already know that you can find brief instructions for my Quick Strippie on my website. Just a reminder that the purpose of the website is to give brief instructions/details about the quilts I make for the readers of my blog interested in making their own versions. I received a snippy little email complaining that the instructions for one of the quilts were very vague but she was going to give them a try and she hoped the quilt turned out. As I’ve said before, while I’m willing to answer specific questions, it’s not my intention to write and publish patterns and the instructions are written assuming a quilter has enough knowledge to take the details I provide and make the quilt – if not, then my website isn’t for them and they should look for more detailed published patterns elsewhere.

I have an unexpected trip to make to Fort Lauderdale on Thursday and Friday so I won’t get through everything on the list for the week but I will work some tomorrow…. maybe piecing, maybe quilting… we’ll see what I feel like doing.


  1. I love the word snippy. Lately it walks hand in hand with entitled in my mind. You owe me perfect instructions so I can make a quilt with no knowledge of quilt construction. I can say anything because the whole world owes me happiness. The phrase to describe me is grumpy old woman!. Hope everything is okay in Fort Lauderdale.. New goals next week.

  2. Mary, you’re so productive this week that I have to ask: how’s your finger? Did you wind up needing stitches?

  3. I think people visiting a website and getting free patterns has NO business being “snippy”! You have made it very clear your intentions for the website. On a happy note, I love the whale fabric too!! Have a safe trip!

  4. I love the whale fabric too! I’ve always appreciated your generosity with sharing your quilt ideas. Thank you!

  5. Yep, that whale fabric looks super as a strippy. I, for one, love your commitment to sharing the basics of a quilt you’ve made. And, many thanks for all the ones you’ve shared over the years. I know I’ve made my version of several of your patterns. My all time favorite is the happy block. I keep making them. They are fun to do and I’m always happy to move fabric on the shelves to a top and eventually to a quilt!

  6. This is one of my favorite patterns for a baby quilt because it really lets the fun novelty prints be the show. Thanks for this one!! We have a niece and a nephew expecting new babies this spring so I probably need to get a couple of these made.

  7. Your pattern really shines with a high contrast in fabrics. Love the pattern, and these fabrics. So fun and cheerful. Makes me want to go pull fabric from stash to kit up.

  8. Oh, yes, that whale fabric is adorable! I hope the snippy commenters read this post! You’ve made yourself perfectly clear!

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