My little Charm Square top for our February Precut challenge is done. I used 2 packs of charms (84 – 5 inch squares) and cut the border strips 2.75 inches. It will also be bound in the pink and I started with 2 yards of the pink border fabric but have a good size chunk left. It’s busy and bright I know but I think it will make a cheerful donation quilt.

I finished all my goals from last week – I don’t always post my goals here but having them set whether for a week or a month really does help keep you focused and progressing! This week my goals are:

  • Assemble Charm Square top
  • Quilt 2 tops
  • Make orange Rainbow HeartStrings blocks
  • Trim and get binding on one of the Maine quilts

I’ve already finished #1 and #4 today and the first top is loaded on the longarm and ready to quilt tomorrow.


  1. It’s adorable… bright & cheery & some little person will love getting it! I can’r believe you’re done already!

  2. Mary, Im a self-taught quilter and for the past few months I lost my desire to make quilts.
    I was making a quilt and everything seemed to go wrong with it. I said to my husband I’m sorry I started quilting I’m sorry I bought a sewing machine why did I kid myself that I could to this. It’s frustrating when I don’t know anyone, in the physical sense, that quilts and with whom I could run things by.
    I’m glad I looked at your blog and seeing this quilt decided I was going to make a similar one. So from a frustrated quilter a sincere thank you for putting up the photo of this bright and cheerful quilt.
    I realise what my husband said to me is true, he said ,why don’t you make a quilt just using squares you don’t always have to challenge yourself to do complicated.
    I apologise if this comment is too long.

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