My Charm Squares Happy Block top is quilted with another one of my new pantographs called Leafy Love purchased from Urban Elementz and it’s definitely a new favorite. One of the things I love about the new machine is that I can resize pantographs and this one was resized to 6.5 inches high keeping the width proportional. Urban Elementz has paper patterns in addition to the digital ones I use with my Pantovision so if you like ones that I share here on the blog, check them out.

There are brief instructions for this quilt on my website.


  1. Wow, I like that pantograph. I buy from this company and their designs are great but I can’t resize so that bottom row gets wonky sometimes.

  2. Cute quilt and the pantograph is perfect! I sure wish I was able to make a quilt and get it quilted right away. If only I were younger. I just dropped off 2 quilts to my quilter and won’t see them again for 2 months. I have been thinking about buying a Sweet Sixteen with 5 ft frame but I need to try it out first. You do a wonderful job on your quilts!

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