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Books take you places … especially travel books. I spend a lot of time in my chair at night knitting, binding, or crocheting blankets and I’m usually watching something on my iPad or listening to an audiobook. Right now, it’s an audiobook called Dear Bob and Sue, about a couple’s visits to all 58 National Parks. Some I’ve been to and many I haven’t but it’s bringing back many memories of visits to state, local, and national parks, historical sites, and monuments. Sometimes I’m amazed at how lucky I’ve been to be able to travel and see so many places in person.

I keep my phone nearby (I’m listening to the audiobook I borrowed from the library on my iPad on the Overdrive app) and look up sites that sound interesting as I listen to the book. I probably won’t retain much information but I find it very interesting and entertaining to hear about the sites.

And of course, it brings to mind our many trips including our South Dakota road trip with the boys and Becky 11 or 12 years ago. It was one of our favorite family vacations! And yes, we drove across the state line briefly to visit Devil’s Tower.

There are so many beautiful and interesting places to visit in this country and I’m grateful I’ve seen many of them.


  1. Oh it is a good book! We met someone at Teddy Roosevelt National Park who told us about the book. He and his wife were visiting as many as they could and loved listening to the book on their travels. I’m three chapters in. So grateful my family traveled as I grew up and we have seen a lot of the US with our kids!

  2. I will have to look for that book. I got my husband a lifetime pass to all the National Parks so we hope to do some traveling when we finally retire. I see you visited the Badlands in SD. We lived in ND for my high school years (73-77). I thought the Badlands in SD were so much more beautiful than the Badlands in ND. I don’t recall why they were so different.

  3. We have spent a lot of time visiting national parks in the last 15years. We have visited Utah and I saw delicate from a distance and Paul continued to hike until he was very close. We did 5 Utah parks in one trip and then Monument Valley and Grand Canyon. Due to health issues there were days Paul got to explore more. We also took different tours doing 4 or 5 southwestern parks and some of the more famous north central parks. I think we have done at least 25 and we have a bucket list. Our cat’s health is limiting our travel but we still have dreams.

  4. I have seen so much of the US and it’s incredibly beautiful. The only state I’ve been in just once is Hawaii. We are campers and we stay in National and state parks all the time. Just last month we were in 2 Louisiana state parks and one Mississippi state park. In December we stayed in an Arkansas state park, all of these were so gorgeous. I’ve never read the book, guess I need to find it. Can you imagine living two hours from Yellowstone for five years? Hubby and I went there once a month as long as the gates were open. Even snowmobiled in it several times. We have reservations for August 21st and maybe Yosemite in June. I’m glad you posted about our parks!

  5. I haven’t listened to books yet, but I have read plenty. I have never traveled very far. We are hoping to see a lot more of our country when we move to CA. There is so much to see in the area where we are going.
    xx, Carol

  6. I recently joined a group that meets monthly to discuss all things cultural: books, movies, TV, theater, etc. This series got rave reviews from several people. It looks like fun!

  7. That sounds like a wonderful book! I have not traveled much, mostly to Arizona and California. Went on two trips to Ohio by train when I was young so traveled through a few states…quickly. I have always wanted to travel the US by motorhome. Stopping wherever we wanted to but my husband doesn’t have much interest in doing that. I will look for that book and travel from my chair too. I cannot listen to a book and sew but maybe I could while crocheting if it was an easy pattern.

  8. Just have to say, I got the book on a 2 month free trial period with Kindle Unlimited. Have just read a few pages and know it will be very entertaining. Thank you for the recommendation!!

  9. Thanks for sending me down the rabbit hole of travel audiobooks! I have now added probably 25 new books to my TBR list in OneNote!😆 I love audiobooks…they keep me entertained during boring chores and crocheting times…marvelous distraction and sometimes learning experiences.

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