Chris and I spent the afternoon working on masks for the family since the CDC is recommending people wear masks when out to prevent them from spreading the virus now that they’ve realized that it’s being transmitted by asymptomatic people.

I had my machine in the car and had bought a table for the new house and had it shipped to Chris so we set me up in the corner of his dining room.

He cut and pressed …

and I sewed them.

We finished 17 this afternoon and have a bunch more in progress. I’ll work on them the next couple days while we’re waiting for our closing on Wednesday.


  1. I am so slow. I can only make 5-6 a day. Of course, it’s only me working on it; I don’t have a helper.

  2. Finished 17 with a bunch more in progress — that’s the Mary I am used to. And working with Chris is even better! I have been doing that also for the last few weeks. We are blessed to have the skills to help while being shut-ins! Only two more days!!

  3. I spent yesterday pulling fabric for my kids to make masks. They both bought some, but since this is long term the one each concept is a little scary. They have some stash clean out pieces to make more. Linings are harder because I use lots of those in projects and tend to use every piece. We are making progress. Which pattern did you use? There are so many available.

  4. I, and a group of friends, are making scrub hats for the local hospital. The daughter of one of them requested scrub caps as they help keep the face masks from rubbing and they are low on them. Mary, what is that blue box behind the sewing machine?

  5. It was probably fun to work with your son on these – and that you took photos to record this activity for the future. I gave the 5 masks I made to my daughters yesterday along with “button bands” for them to try at work. The masks are just for them to wear when going to the store, etc. But the button bands are to hook the mask elastic on instead of their ears. Both thought they might be a good way to save their ears and had seen them online too. I do plan to make a couple more masks for us today. And if the girls like the button bands I’ll make a few more of those too.

  6. On Saturday, I made masks for myself and friends. Your pattern is similar, but your ties are vertical and mine are horizontal.

  7. Love the teamwork!! I made 10 yesterday for friends. Will be making more today for family and more friends. It is not my favorite thing to make but trying to keep everyone safe. If that is even possible. I still have elastic but will be running out soon and will do it your way then. How do you like your Baby Lock Jane?

  8. Wish I could borrow your helper – lol. I have been making 6-10 masks every day thinking that I won’t need to make anymore. Everyday I get more requests. Have made them for my family and everyone on my street and then some.

  9. When I started making them I never had any idea that I would make so many but so many local businesses need them. It’s not fun sewing but at least I finally feel like I’m doing something productive for “the cause”. I’ve got 30 more ready to sew this evening.

  10. Super jealous of your mask-making buddy! (hubster is work-at-home and doing long days). I’ve committed to 20 per day and that takes me 5 hours. I’ve delivered 110 to date (4 for us). I’ve got another 60 cut and ready to go.

    Cheers to the closing and I hope you have a wonderful time settling your new home 🙂

  11. My guild and I are making them also. My sister, who is only an occasional sewist has been inspired. She bought a new machine since her old one died, and I just cut another 40 kits for her so sew!! Maybe I’ll make a quilter out of her yet.

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