Nature or Nurture

I’ve ALWAYS believed that creative activities are important and I nurtured that in the boys growing up. I love seeing both of them pursue creative activities. Chris has done a variety of things in the past and now he’s doing a bit of woodworking … he texted me a few days ago saying he was making a frame for a photo for Keith’s new office. Keith parents and his brother, Mark have all passed away so I LOVE this first project of Chris’. What a special gift for his father.

I also love that I got a couple coasters from the leftover corners of the frames he’s been making.

Chris also shared this work in progress from Adam. Buddy is Chris’ dog that passed away about a year or so ago and Adam is painting a picture of him for Chris. Adam’s talent is drawing and I’ve shared other bits of his work here on the blog.

I’m so happy that the “crafty” time I spent with both boys while they were growing up seeded a creative force in both of them.


  1. Chris and Adam’s projects are really beautiful — but the MOST beautiful is the love they are giving to family — Chris to his dad and Adam to his brother. Your heart must be full!

  2. They were blessed that you were their mom in many ways. Your creativity and the fact that each is creating with love for someone else speaks volumes.

  3. You have a couple of very creative sons. I have always been a crafter of some sort but not any of my 3 kids are interested in that sort of thing. My son is the most like me and is very organized and every thing has a place. But is not necessarily crafty although very good at most things he does. He did do wood working in high school and I still have the pieces he made but that was it. And that was a long time ago. My daughters would rather buy stuff than make it. I wish one of them was interested in quilting. I won’t give up trying to persuade them though.

  4. Crafty and generous with the things they make – like you Mary. Love your work and the heritage you are leaving.

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