I decided on the layout and assembled the doll quilt for Mo’s doll Shirley. I’ll get it layered and quilted this week. With my doll quilts, size is dictated by the leftovers and in this case, it’s 18 x 24 which is a little long and skinny but big enough to wrap around her doll so it will work. (I know it’s big enough because that was the size of Ruby’s quilt and Mo kept taking it and wrapping it around Shirley!)

I also made 4 more masks for me. The first ones I made for me and Keith were out of the same fabric and it was hard to tell without comparing the size which masks were mine so I decided to make some for me out of a different fabric. I’ve made about 70 masks total for us, for family, and for Chris to share with his coworkers and will make more if we need them. I guess that will depend on how long the recommendation to wear masks continues.


  1. Cute, cute doll quilt for Shirley! Now Ruby won’t need to share, except with Finn. Your Fence Rail quilt turned out so pretty. Pretty fabrics. I also made more masks. I have lost count. I am hoping I won’t need to make anymore.

  2. The doll quilt is adorable. I think the size is just right. When my girls were little I use to make them for their dolls too! My granddaughter that lives with me never care very much for dolls, but love, loves stuffed animals. How is Keith’s fingers healing? Take care! Linnie

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