Another top pieced – a Quick Strippie. I’m debating whether to give this one to a niece that’s expecting or I might donate it. Maybe when I get it quilted will determine where it goes! I’m getting a little behind on my goal to finish as many as I start – my count right now is 10 starts, 6 finishes, 1 waiting in Tampa for binding. I’ll need to get ahead and quilt some tops when I get home in May because we’ll be back in GA for 6 weeks this summer and all I’ll be doing here is piecing.

I’ve still got a week and a half here … going to have to decide what to start next. I prefer to get a top completed before leaving on a trip or at the very least, all the blocks made. It just feels easier not to start piecing something and then have to pick it back up days or weeks later. It’s one reason why I try to get all my UFOs to the finished top stage before setting it aside too.


  1. I’ve been wanting to try the “quilt as you go” method to finish some projects. I’ve made this pattern many times and it just occurred to me that it would really be the perfect quilt pattern to learn that method! The wider rows are great to try out different quilting designs. The narrow ones will be just right to connect the quilted sections together. I’m glad you posted this!

  2. The quilt is adorable. Some little one will love it.You do seem to have a lot to catch up with your quilting. Don’t know how you do it! Do you still have trouble sleeping at night? I find as I get older I seem to wake up more at night, not sure what that’s about. glad Keith fingers are a little better. Let’s just hope the numbness wears off! Take care and stay safe!! Linnie xo

  3. Just like all your other strippies, this is cute as a bug’s ear! Some little one will adore being all snuggled up in this cutie!

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