Poor Finn

Our mobile groomer closed her business and moved away to take care for her father right before the Covid 19 shutdown started and groomers were not open for weeks … then when non-essential businesses were allowed to reopen, all the mobile groomers were seeing their regular clients and as a new one, I couldn’t find anyone to groom Finn until mid June. Poor thing, he was so shaggy and hot! And he couldn’t half see!

I’d been focused on the mobile groomers but Chris found me a place nearby and we were able to get an appointment for today. He wouldn’t hold still for a good photo but I was a bit surprised when I picked him up. I’d told them to shave him short! Very short, and for the first time I saw a resemblance to Chesty! Finn is part Havanese and part Bichon and Chesty was a purebred Bichon. Who knew it was just the hair that made them look so different?! Of course, Chesty is 9-10 years older than Finn in the photo below and that shows but Finn definitely looks like his “brother”.


  1. Hair does not make the dog! He does look like Chesty in the pictures, but you are lucky that he has a sweet disposition and loving nature like Chesty. So glad he got groomed.

  2. So funny how they looks so different shaved. Our Percy is a 30 lb labradoodle and a mess! I keep cutting as I can but I am no dog groomer and he, too is not scheduled until mid June. I may try another place or two but new clients are at the back of the line!

  3. I have a purebred Havanese and she looks a lot like Finn after ii groom her. She’s the perfect lap dog and companion ❤

  4. Finn looks adorable., but so was Chesty!! Glad you got him groomed. Waiting til the middle of June would of been too long and hot . Are they easing up the rules in Florida? they are here a little ,but don’t know if that’s a good idea or not. WE will have to wait and see. they said we might see a reacurr ance in the fall. Just wondering were this is going to lead us. Not sure if we will ever be the same ! Take care!

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