Are you sharing?!

I was chatting with a neighbor yesterday and she asked if I had any fabric I wasn’t going to use because she’d been making and donating masks … she’s not a quilter and her machine is borrowed but I had to laugh at her. I don’t have ANY fabric I don’t plan to use but I have plenty to share! She came over after our bike ride and walked out with 6 or 7 yards of fabric.

We did another 10 mile ride today and I started another binding. I hope to get it on the quilt and start hand stitching it down tonight.


  1. I unfortunately did have fabric that I wasn’t going to use. Years ago, I couldn’t walk into a quilt shop without buying fabric. Of course, my tastes have changed since then and I couldn’t justify keeping some of those fabrics. Some went to a local thrift shop, a big portion of my batik stash went to a friend for masks and scrub caps, and yesterday another bag went to another friend for more masks. (So how do I still have SO much fabric? ) 🙄

  2. I didn’t share, but I did buy 24 yards of fabric for a cousin who has made over 4000 masks at the time of my last donation to her. She lives in a small town in CT. I bought from 2 different sources and had it shipped to her. Her husband is a firefighter and she is an EMT temporarily off duty. She has donated to many places and sells some masks. One guy ordered 50 and sent $500 dollars even though his order was going to essential personnel. Another guy ordered a large number and didn’t want to pay $6 each because he had to have them to work. He was essential but as a tree removal service that was charging a premium, she sold them at not a lot over cost of materials. She has a few people that have donated enough that most of her masks are free. Soup kitchens, homes for those who are unable to live alone, librarians,her post office workers and military in Italy and some being deployed. It was impressive that neighbors donated lots of fabric. They spend a lot of time testing to make sure it is all cotton. She started over 2 months ago and appears to still be working hard. I didn’t share my stash, but I would have.

  3. On second thought I did. I sent fabric to my children and grandchildren so they could make masks and my son in law made some for the people that work in a lab at UF. That was about 3 yards to one and 5 to the other. Lots of novelty stuff from years past.

  4. Yes, I donated fabric to a neighbor to make masks for her family. I also made masks for my church congregation. I kept three masks for myself, so I can keep one in the car, one in the house, while another can be in the laundry.

  5. I guess she doesn’t know you very well. Did you bring her into your sewing room? If so, she must have been overwhelmed seeing some of the many quilts in progress to donate.

  6. You are so good to share! And she’s doing her part, too! Have fun on your bike rides! It looks like a beautiful area.

  7. I live in CT just outside of NYC and as you can imagine we have been (and still are) sewing masks like crazy. I’ve donated at least 200 yards of fabric, 500+ ,masks and the same in caps for the hospitals. Switching off between masks and caps saves from the boredom.

  8. I don’t know anyone other than myself who are making masks. I haven’t been asked lately for any either. I am going to make a few more for me and my husband though. I finally received my elastic order and it is a softer elastic so I think will be more comfortable. I would definitely share my stash if someone needed material though. And I have shared my extras with a lady who does donation quilts.
    After a 10 mile bike ride the last thing I would be doing is any sewing. You have a ton of energy. Wish that could be shared…lol.

  9. I think most Quilters’ are sharing people. Honestly haven’t meant one that didn’t. It’s just what we do. It’nice of her to be making the masks, just like you did with your son. I love that he likes to sew. you taught him good. Looks like the bike ride was fun! That’s a long bike ride, but wonderful exercise! Stay safe!!

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