Back to work

I got the Puppy 5 yard quilt assembled. That makes 5 tops plus some camo yardage that Chris wants quilted up to take back home … and just like that I’m behind on my goal to finish as many of my quilts as I start.

We will go back to Tampa in August and I plan to get a bunch quilted but I’m not sure how long we’re going to stay. With the rising number of COVID cases and deaths, I don’t see Keith flying for work in the near future and if he’s working from home he can do it here in GA just as easily as in Tampa.


  1. Oh, I love that doggie quilt! I have that pattern & a couple of 5 yard kits & seeing how cool yours turned out, now I’m anxious to give mine a whirl. Any idea what panto you’ll use on it? Looks like the resident quilt inspector, Mr. Finn, gives it his stamp of approval!

  2. How appropriate that Finn is sitting in front of that cute puppy quilt. I’m saving a picture of it. It would be a really cute quilt in any theme & color scheme.

  3. The puppy quilt is so cute! My husband is traveling next week for work for the first time since early March. But luckily he is driving since he only has to go to eastern Iowa. However – both of those job sites are in counties with high Covid cases. Plus he will have to stay overnights in motels. Worries me. And one of my sons-in-law flew to Atlanta this week for training for work. That worries me too!

  4. Well done! I need to think about making a patriotic version of this pattern. Might be a good thing to stay in GA longer. I glad you have that option available.

  5. Hope you two stay in GA. It sounds pretty bad in Florida from all the news reports. A lot of people don’t want to abide by the rules. It’s a shame because it affects all of us. Do love the Dog Quilt, also like the way your handsome dog is standing in front of it! Seems like this month is whizzing by.too! I’ve been doing the same afghan your doing, but with mind I’ve been using up some of my leftover yarn. It’s been fun to do it! Take care and stay safe!!

  6. Cute “puppy” in front of the puppy dog quilt.

    Japan’s Corona numbers are rising too but the government is giving contradictory instructions for how to deal with it… They are telling us to stay at home AND giving out coupons to use this summer for traveling in order to stimulate the economy. WHICH IS IT??!

  7. This is such a cute pattern with an awesome model! Flying is taking a hit these days. But working from home is great for some. It’s a bit of a hassle for our kids as their kids are still pretty young. On the other hand none of them miss their commutes. Stay safe

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