1. That’s a lot of lightning! Good idea to take the electronics down and do hand work. We in California had 10,800 dry lightning strikes in a 72 hour period, and we are dealing with hundreds of fires now. Our normally beautiful view is full of smoke & limited now, but at least we’re safe here. Hoping you & yours continue to be safe, too – where there’s lightning, there are often fires…take care!

  2. I’m the same in that I don’t use my machines during storms either. I actually unplug my machines when we have lightening. Several years ago lightening took out our central air unit so after that incident I protect my machines at all costs.

  3. What program shows lightening strikes? Interesting. I keep my longarm unplugged unless I’m using it. I also unplug my large computer during storms with lightening. Stay safe.

  4. Here in the mountains we rarely have rain. The other day we had a “chance” but it went north of us causing flash flood warnings which meant our creek. Just a few drops. There was lots of lightning strikes elsewhere in CA causing so many fires. Over the weekend the news reported 600 fires burning in CA. Quite scary to hear THAT!
    Stay safe and be well.
    xx, Carol

  5. Hmm. I guess I never thought about lightning strikes for my sewing machine. We unplug the airconditioners and computers but that’s about it. And we live in the thunder and lightning belt of Japan so in this season it is practically an every day occasion! It’s too hot to be on the sewing machine upstairs anyway so I’m probably not sewing when the storms approach.

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