Rainbow HeartStrings #3 is assembled! This is the last one for now although I have some blocks leftover so eventually, I’ll probably make enough to have another top but that’s way down the list for now.

All three of these will go back to Tampa to wait their turn for quilting and just like that I’m behind again! I don’t mind so much because even though I’ve got lots of quilting to do … everything I’ve started so far this year is either finished or at least a finished top. I expect to end up with over 30 new starts this year … that’s a lot for me and due to us buying the Big Canoe house in April and spending lots of time here.

Eventually, Keith will end up back to a more normal work schedule where he is traveling again which will mean we won’t be here in Big Canoe as much. Unfortunately, the airport is 2 hours away and it’s not just feasible for him to have to do that every time he travels or I think we would both be ready to move here full time.

Keith will drive Rae home tonight after he finishes work … we’e enjoyed our time with her and she’ll come back on Sunday to do it all again next week.


  1. I love love LOVE that you are teaching Rae stress management tools-yoga, nature walks, water time. Lucky girl indeed with habits for a lifetime!

    Great quilt! Love ALL your string quilts 🙂

  2. Such special time spent with Rae – and lots of quilting productivity as well. I like this light speckled sashing just as much as the black. You’ve given me more ideas now.

  3. I like your spreadsheet. It is simple and looks like you have been very productive.
    I don’t often comment but I do love your heartstrings rainbow quilts.

  4. This time of weird work schedules is really messing with people’s minds. My daughter keeps asking how she managed her time before. She used to take both daughters to school, dance, and lots of functions. She has been taking the younger one to and from school for a few weeks and is complaining there isn’t enough time in her day! You and Keith will continue to work together anf find a way to make life good. The thing that is probably toughest for you is your mom. Hope it all gets better soon.

  5. Do you think that some of Keith’s travels might not come back? I don’t know what he does exactly, but if various businesses can manage without travel for months, maybe not ALL the travel has to come back.

  6. The confetti sashing & colored cornerstones are what make this little gem POP (IMHO). LOVE it! I’m agog at home much you’ve gotten done! Makes the rest of us look like slackers! LOL!

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