1. Mary…I agree! My scariest thoughts are what will happen to our country if he gets re-elected! We just can’t sustain another 4 years!

      • Aileen, This is Mary’s Blog. It’s her record of life, vacations, children/grandchildren growing up, and anything else she chooses to record. You don’t get a vote here!

      • I totally agree. So sad that people hate America enough to vote in criminals and what will become socialism. I will no longer read this blogger.

      • What’s sad is that anyone who doesn’t agree with Trump or his supporters is branded unAmerican. Trump does NOT represent my America.

  2. Thank you, Mary!!
    I SO agree…!!
    (Voted last week at city hall… handed my ballot in to the city hall clerk!)
    Now, also praying and waiting… (Like Sue and NancyB, I, too, worry… Feel like I’m holding my breath!)

  3. Thank you, Mary!!
    I SO agree…!!
    (Voted last week at city hall… handed my ballot in to the city hall clerk!)
    Now, also praying and waiting… (Like Sue and NancyB, I, too, worry… Feel like I’m holding my breath!)

    • Daisy, I don’t see your name on the header of this blog. Go vote elsewhere where someone might care what you think! You are unbelievable.

  4. I am actually terrified to see election results start coming in and knowing I will sit here in tears if Trump is elected again. I’m so afraid that people will not turn out that need to and what will happen if he wins again. More so, what will happen if he doesn’t win. He is so power hungry, it is scary what he might do.

  5. I will vote in person and I will vote for President Trump to be reelected.

    I fear what will happen if Biden gets elected as he is proving to be very corrupt and was part of the most corrupt presidency in the history of the United States.

    Dictating to a communist government regime to remove a prosecutor to protect his son and accepting money is corruption and puts our national security at risk. The repercussions of this if he is president will be far reaching and very unpleasant for ALL of us. If this does not speak to you then

    Supporting a son sleeping with 14 year old girls is supporting a pedophile and that is not okay.
    Choosing your running mate to be a female that has slept her way into a position of power in California where she led her own corruption scheme for years is unethical. And does nothing but put women steps backwards in all that we have accomplished in society. She does not represent me and I doubt many women in this country would support her bedroom activities with another woman’s husband. Except maybe elites that engage in this type of behavior already.

    You guys do you. But understand that there are many, many of us that do not support the same candidate that you do and have extreme reactions to a post of this kind; which may or may not be how we choose to spend our money on our craft. The silent majority is becoming not so silent anymore.

    • Wow. Harsh judgment of Senator Harris. You need a new news channel and really need to research her in a fair and impartial manner rather than your obviously current Red channel.

      The silent majority in this country is the middle which is where we ALL should be. Working together for our country. This far Right and far Left has horrifically divided this country in very negative ways.

    • I’m curious about how you seem to be outraged over these allegations you’ve mentioned, but the 20+ much more credible allegations of rape/sexual assault against 45 get a pass? Not to mention he’s got 5 children by 3 wives, has recently paid off a porn star, and brags about being to grab women by the p*ssy because when you’re rich, you can do that, apparently? Or the lawsuit against him by a woman who was served up to him at 15 like a lil treat by his close friend (lots of photo evidence there!) Jeffrey Epstein? Which had to be dropped because of death threats. Or the Trump University settlement of 25 million $ for basically defrauding the students? The two million $ settlement with the state of NY for using his charities as personal slush funds? Thoughts on these?

      And I could go on, but then we’d be here ALL DAY.

  6. I was thinking about this as I drove to work this morning. Every day I pray that Biden wins. I’m afraid for the world that my granddaughters will inherit if Trump wins the election because I’m certain he will do what he can to change the Constitution and run for a third term, or declare himself king/dictator/president for life. He scares me. We voted last week and dropped our ballots in a ballot box at a local town hall. Since NJ is primarily a mail in state this election, we were able to track our ballots online and see that they were received…I never thought I would have to worry that my ballot would be safe and secure! It’s a strange, scary world we’re living in.

    • Perhaps we should all be praying to the God who is in charge ! If it is His will we will be blessed! We have so much deceit in both parties…. don’t be thinking Biden doesn’t have his entourage as well!!! Or you simply have blinders on!! It’s hard to even believe any of our news because it is so biased…. can you remember what it was like even 30 yrs ago?

  7. If Biden wins, I don’t think he’ll make it through his term & we’d be stuck with the most liberal and “out there” new president with Harris — socialism here we come. If Trump wins, I suspect he’d be recalled (and rightly so) and then we’d have Pence, who is the LEAST objectionable of the 4 for me. Personally, I don’t want either one of them to win, which has been the case for a long time now with elections. What happened to people with integrity, honesty and the genuine desire to serve, protect and improve our country? They seem to be all gone. I voted for anyone who wasn’t a politician for every other seat and NO on everything else. Too many people lie, cheat and try to manipulate to get what they want with not a thought or care in the world for ‘doing the right thing.’

  8. My 52-year-old daughter and I went to vote last week on the first day of early voting. We vote Blue as do her husband and son. My family is bi-racial. Black men are targets, no matter how educated, where they live, or where they work. I worry, she worries, her mother-in-law worries. Under this horrific administration, we worry more than ever. I love my daughter’s attitude about voter intimidation. It’s “just try and stop me from voting.” I agree. I reminded her that when her grandmother was born, women did not have the vote. Women were tortured, lost families, lost homes, lost income, lost lives to give us this right. I refuse to dishonor them by not voting. My voice WILL be heard. I pray all of our voices, rising together, will blast this pestilence our of Our House.

  9. By damage are you referring to strengthening the military, protecting the unborn, preserving religious freedom, or standing up for our country unapologetically?

  10. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! TRUMP 2020!!! You apparantly know nothing about politics and are so uninformed. Biden is dangerous for our country. Trump has done nothing but good things for our country. Obama started the division we have in our country at the moment. The demwit Fauci along with the rest of the COVID team are the ones that wanted our country shut down for COVID. Please quit watching fake news because it’s making you and IDIOT!

    • Okay parrot, why don’t you check yourself — and your writing — before attacking someone else on their own territory?! I cannot believe there are people who are so misinformed and clueless. Not to mention rude.

    • L Long, this is beyond rude. Following the behavior of 45 is unbecoming of any civil human in this country. You owe Mary an apology. This is her Blog to record whatever she chooses.

      You should be ashamed of yourself.

    • Sweetie, this is not Facebook. You are being rude. Let’s hope you or your loved ones don’t get Covid. Dr. Fauci is a wise and experienced doctor who has worked with many presidents on both sides.

  11. I’m on the opposite side of the spectrum! I’m afraid that Biden and Harris will turn our country into a Socialist nightmare! I don’t understand why everyone has drank the media koolaid and believes Trump is so terrible. Biden has been in office for 47 years & all of the dem ran cities are in shambles? Does no one see the reality? “Change the Constitution?” Do you not realize that Pelosi is constantly trying to change the constitution or manipulate it to gain power? How do people not see that? Does no one check facts anymore? Trump has done wonders for our country and the elite dems are scared because they need the power of scared, victimized voters in order to keep committing their crimes. Wake up people! Get your heads on straight or I really am afraid for my children!

    • Do you ever see the stats that compare blue-led states and red-led states by financial, health & education data? Traditionally Democratic run states are almost HIGHER in education levels, median income, and longevity/health outcomes, including lower infant mortality and maternal mortality rates. Traditionally Republican run states tend to have higher infant/maternal mortality rates; lower levels of educational achievement, lower median incomes, and more poverty. I saw a stat the other day that said Kentucky has something like 90 of the poorest counties in the country. States like this almost always have more people receiving some form of social assistance per capita than traditionally Democratic states. Just some thoughts! Hard to argue with data!

  12. Right with you, Mary! It’s amazing how many on the other side scream about socialism without having a clue of what it is and don’t realize how much they already benefit from socialism in the U.S.! Having Trump and his ilk around is so much more dangerous to all of our citizens.

  13. I volunteered to be an election judge. Partly because my mother did it and partly because I live in the only county that went blue outside of Chicago area in the last presidential election. Want to do my bit to ensure PRESIDENT TRUMP gets a fair chance and the “red” voters of Illinois are heard. Perhaps if the anti PRESIDENT TRUMP people would stop hating the man and actually look at what he has done, they would see things have improved. Of course, that would entail they actually go looking for information instead of being willing to be force fed by the media. I don’t like quilting blogs that get off topic and don’t usually respond but I am tired of people being blinded by hate of whatever kind. I have reread this several times now and considered deleting but someone needs to take a stand. Talk about bigots!

  14. Ditto to most of the above. Unfortunately the majority of the Bible Belt still wear blinders. Should he lose, the period between November and Inauguration Day will be a critical time for our country.

  15. When people watch the state run news “Fox News” which is the FAKE NEWS all they hear is yes to a man who is so unqualified to be our president. Every history person knows that you have to search out the truth and by just watching Fox News or listening to Rush Limbaugh you’re not getting the full picture. These people fear science, college educated scholars, and compassionate people who want equality for all. The red party has been a party of fear and hatred.

  16. I just signed off a wonderful class on straight stitching and decided to check out this blog. I cannot believe that it had to turn so political. Since it is my first time, I know I won’t sign on again. I am so sorry that there is so much vicious hate for one person on a site where we have so much in common. The love of quilting.

  17. I agree with you so much.


    On Wednesday, October 21, 2020, Making Scrap Quilts from Stash wrote:

    > Mary posted: ” And now I wait and pray that Trump is voted out. I can’t > (and don’t want to) imagine how much more damage he’ll to do to this > country with another 4 years. ” >

  18. I’m pretty sure you didn’t post this just to receive commentary from either side on what they think is good or bad about either. I am still astonished that people read and see misinformation and think it’s the truth. I see this in my grandson and granddaughter in law. If it’s on social media it must be true. Someone said that this country must teach critical thinking. I am glad that the education I received was so good. I’m glad I was interested and wanted to know all I could about everything. I’m sorry you received so many negative comments about this post. If you have lost a few readers because they don’t agree with you then that is sad. It speaks to the divide in this country. Maybe those that left do not believe in freedom of speech.
    Be well and stay safe.
    xx, Carol

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