My husband knows nothing perks me up like a sunset! We took a short drive over the Gandy bridge before coming back home for dinner. It’s easy to feel shut in these days but if you look for them, there are safe options for getting out.


  1. Beautiful sunset Mary. Glad you were out to enjoy it. There is something very calming about sunrise and sunset. Love them both.

  2. Sunsets are so beautiful and calming and when you combine them with water even more so. I know what you mean about feeling shut in. My daughter and I are finding trails about an hour away. Just far enough away to make us feel less confined.

  3. Keith is a keeper for sure. Thanks for posting pics of the sunset. Where I live in Oregon there are so many trees I can catch only glimpses. However, that said, I am grateful for all the beautiful old growth colorful trees here. I love autumn. And sunsets. And chocolate. And Disney mice.

  4. I miss seeing a sunset. Our sun just drops behind a mountain, then sunset follows sometime later…set unseen. My grandson sent me a picture of a beautiful one the other day from L.A.
    xx, Carol

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