Christmas Star

We walked over to the bay to look for the Christmas Star – the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter – but I think we were a little too early and we have quite a bit of light pollution too. the sunset was pretty.

I pointed my Sky Guide app to the sky to make sure we were looking in the right direction.

And yes, we got a brief glimpse. Can you see it? Right between the top power lines? They say it should be visible tomorrow too so we’ll go out a little later and look for it but they also say not to wait too long after sunset or it will drop below the horizon. The photo should enlarge if you touch on it.


  1. Yes, I see it. Thanks Mary, for sharing. It’s too cloudy with rain tonight here in Indiana for viewing. Will have to try again tomorrow night. Seems we always have clouds during astronomy events. But I did get to see the International Space Station fly over our area one night towards summer’s end.

    Teresa F.

  2. I saw it too, we had a great view here in Western Australia, with a lovely clear sky. DH and I always watch the space station – I signed up for the email updates from NASA, and they send me notifications of time/direction it is going over. Love it!

  3. We drove out of town to see, but there was too heavy of a cloud cover. Maybe we’ll see it tomorrow evening.

  4. We had a lovely view of it – it was shining over a very large tree, and easy to spot. How wonderful to experience that moment with my husband and grown son…

  5. Thanks Mary. Yesterday ot was raining all day, and this morning it is snowing steadily. I guess it is our maritime weather at work.

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