My Modern Square in a Square top is quilted. It’s #15 for December and once it’s bound, I will have met all my goals for the month. Pantograph is Mermaid Fingers which is basically just a teardrop like meander but the name alone makes it perfect for a nautical quilt.

Keith and I took a walk along the bay this afternoon and when we detoured around a construction site came across this – egret? heron? crane? I can’t tell even after looking them up! I’d say egret but their legs are supposed to be black …


  1. What a pretty quilt–and I really like that teardrop meander…
    that is one lovely bird–i find it hard to decide which species is which in the
    birding world…despite having 4 books on them…
    hugs, Julierose

  2. The bird is commonly known as a great egret, white egret or white heron depending on where you are and who is naming it. When we do bird counts it is listed as a great egret. Like I tell people who ask when we are taking pictures if you don’t know guess and fifty people will correct you.

    • Yep, my first thought was “Common Egret”, which is the same as Great Egret. My sisters would tease me by calling it “Hominy Grit”. That’s what sisters do, and as one of them is now dead, this provides a nice memory!

  3. It’s a white-phase great blue heron, I looked on the National Geographic website. They had an article on “is this a crane,egret, or heron?” Very interesting! Your quilt is so pretty. I love those fabrics!

  4. It’s a beautiful bird no matter what it really is. How fun to see that on your walk.

    The tear drop shape in the quilting is very pretty, and a nice variation on a “plain Jane” meander. Good choice.

  5. Congrats on meeting your goals Mary. And that bird, well I don’t know what the right name is, but isn’t he an elegant fellow. Have a great day

  6. Lovely quilt and well done in meeting your quilting goals. Another pretty quilt motif too. You continue to inspire and give me my quilting fix 🙂

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