HeartStrings is playing with Tumblers this month and I made a top on New Year’s Day but I also intended to make a 2nd one this month. I’d even pulled out two more sets of fat quarters to chose from but the more I work on organizing and sorting, the more I know I need to use these scraps! I was sorting a bin I’d used for this quilt … the top was finished in January 2019 – two years ago and those scraps were still sitting in that bin. Who does that? Leaves leftovers from a project in a bin instead of putting them away for 2 years?

I pulled out greens and neutrals.

I grabbed the bin of green scraps to add to the pile and started cutting. I wasn’t sure this was going to work because I used lots of different shades of green but I’m liking it. I’ve got it all cut but haven’t started sewing it together yet.


  1. I think the green tumbler will be very pretty! I usually do not save scraps but as I was organizing my sewing room today getting ready for a new sewing machine cabinet I found a lot of flannel. I really need to do something with it but not sure what or who I would give a finished quilt to. Sometimes it is just easier to give the scraps to someone who actually uses them. My sewing room is just a bedroom and not a big one so I need to keep it well organized. I have kits I bought years ago and I am now using the material for other projects, thanks to you. What a great idea if the quilt design is no longer appealing to you.

  2. That will be very pretty, all the greens remind me of spring when you can see how many shades of green there are when you look outside. Great idea for using scraps, from the bins that I can see there can be a lot of scrap quilts; so good to be able to use them. It is like a free quilt since there is no fabric to be purchased.

  3. I keep scraps in a bin a long time. I don’t like scraps much after cutting and cutting and never using.

  4. I think this is a beautiful quilt, and green is my favorite color! On a side note, I just wanted to thank you for your inspiring quilts, and in particular, for the Stippies pattern. I have been making these as a “quilt as you go”, and it works out perfectly. Great size as well! It’s a fun project and a great break from the million pieces quilt. Thank you!

  5. Like the colors in the Quilt your starting to do now . I leave my scraps thinking I’ll be using them again soon. Actually I’ve done that a lot. I guess we all do that!! xo

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