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I should finish up the 2nd set of Strips and Strings log cabin blocks tonight and I’ll keep on making them for now. I’m thinking maybe blocks for 4 quilts before I transition to some HeartStrings blocks. My main task this week will be to put the border on Mom’s Hunter Star quilt and get it loaded and quilted. It’s queen size so it will probably take me a couple days to quilt it once I get started. Also on the list is cutting HSTs for my next scrap quilt. It’s going to be based on this doll quilt I made from some leftover pinwheel blocks.

I’m going to take the HSTs and piece them at Big Canoe but I’ll bring them back home to do the twisting – I want access to all the stash and scraps when I start choosing the framing fabrics. This afternoon I dug in the scrap bins and cut a bunch of rectangles and they’re all ready to be put through the GO. I’m using my 4 inch HST die for this quilt and I’m going to use a single background fabric for the pinwheels.

You see there are two different stacks, fabric should always be fed through the GO on the lengthwise grain because it has less stretch and you get more accurate cuts. Luckily, the die can be sent through either lengthwise or width wise so the fabric is in piles depending on how it will go through the cutter.


  1. Oh Mary, your scraps are so much larger than mine. In my basket they would be considered yardage. Isn’t it interesting to learn how each of us has a unique perspective. Wee humans are very interesting.

  2. Thanks, Mary. I am such a helper/assistant personality; not a start-to-finish personality; usually enabling others to create by processing their scraps. It really helps me to see and hear (read) how you plan out your scrappy quilts, starting with the design, fabric pulls, pre-cutting organization… I’m always learning from you.
    My goal this month: pressed and slicing bags of scraps into 2.5” & 1.5” strips with my AQ GOBig. I’ve filled two shoe boxes so far.
    By your influence, I also now have a 6” stack of denim tumblers. I can see some more peeking out from under a pile that’s getting smaller.

  3. I like these bigger tumbler pieces and love the look of the quilt they make. I have a very small tumbler template that someone gave me, but it didn’t take me long to realize that it would take forever to cut and sew enough to make anything larger than a mug rug or doll quilt. LOL

  4. I love your mother’s quilt it’s beautiful. What is the pattern design? The wider border fits it perfect and the last border you did is a nice touch.

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