1. What a beautiful day! I feel the exact same way, Mary, in Tarpon Springs! Have been following you for a couple years and love to follow your work and blog. Just have never commented before, but wanted to share in the happiness on this wonderful day! An absolutely amazing and beautiful speech by our new President Joe Biden!! Finally, to feel peace in my heart after the past four years of nonstop chaos! ❤️Pam

  2. Whew! I didn’t realize how much stress I have been feeling these past 4 years. Last night’s and today’s ceremonies have been well done. I have hope.

  3. It is such a relief NOT to have to worry about whether the government was going to survive four years. There were times when I didn’t think so. We came so close to a disaster so many times, but perhaps the worst was Jan. 6th. Thank goodness I can relax.

  4. I hope he lives up to his promises to work to unite the country and chooses to do what is best for the whole country without the vindictive politics we have seen over the last four years.

  5. I was so relieved that today was a calm day. Joe Biden is an empathetic and compassionate person. Its such a relief to have a true leader once again.

  6. Amen! Let the healing begin. With dignity and respect comes love and peace. “Unity is the path forward”.

  7. Watching the inaguaration, I wept tears of relief, tears of hope, and tears of joy. I can feel the knot in my chest dissolve. Waking up the morning after, I didn’t wonder what awful think 45 had said or done the day before. May he reside in oblivion forever as we move forward to healing.

  8. Amen to your comment. What a relief. Sanity and dignity. If we can work hard toward unity for the US, there will be hope for the future.

  9. Amen! What a relief to have a team in the executive branch that is working for the good of the country.

  10. I don’t know where all of you received your education but evidently it wasn’t very good in matters of our Constitution. Afraid you will have a rude awakening. How do you think you can unify when the country is split in half by their beliefs?

  11. From Ontario, Canada, I found myself singing (and I can’t sing!), after the inauguration, such a huge positive change! As a Canadian, I am happy for everyone in the US, for everyone here in Canada and around the world!

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