1. Looks beautiful. Are those the existing pavers reused in the path? They made quick work of it didn’t they?

  2. Fantastic walkway! You will enjoy that expense for many years to come. The retaining wall is beautiful. I would not have considered concrete blocks faced with rock. Terrific choice 🙂

  3. I can see that is was a huge job Mary, but the result is very attractive and looks practical as well. I’m happy for you

  4. Oh my goodness. Just perfect. The wall and walkway blend beautifully with the surroundings. Great planning and result.

  5. Your linen stitch blanket is so pretty. It sure brightens the day. I really like your retaining wall and walkway. I was envious to see your husband wearing shorts, We’re still in negative and single digit numbers, but its supposed to warm up this week. We might see temps in the 30’s!!

  6. Your wall and walkway turned out beautiful!! Nice addition to your landscape. And love seeing the sunshine. We had almost 11 inches of snow last weekend and it is still slowly melting away. Unusual for us. Sunshine would help!!!

  7. Both jobs turned out absolutely fabulous! So glad for you – you must smile every day you see either job.

  8. Not only are they nice looking, but that walkway will be so much safer than the rock pathway was. You might also consider a metal handrail along the steps.
    Laura Haynes
    (Nicknamed the Safety Officer of the family; Mom has fallen too many times.)

  9. The stone wall is a work of art! I have always loved steps like that….a step up then level, another step up then level….Together, that sure was a big project.

  10. Fantastic and I am so amazed that you got all this done in spite of the pandemic challenges. You did not settle but got beautiful stone work that looks like it was done well. Getting a good contractor must have been challenging but you did it!

  11. I’m just amazed at how beautiful it is and to see people working outside with just a sweatshirt on-wow! It’s so darn cold here we look like Eskimos here. I love your walkway and wall. You probably go outside and just look at it with love. Beautiful job.

  12. A beautiful improvement. That stone is gorgeous! And the new retaining wall should make a big difference in slowing down erosion on the hill.

  13. The retaining wall and walkways look wonderful! great addition to your home. I didn’t realize it was so steep around parts of your house, and all this was a wonderful addition to being able to walk around safely. Nice!

  14. The wall and the linen stitch blanket both look great. I’m most impressed with the video you made. Great editing. You are such a techie!

  15. So pretty, especially the steps and path. That was a lot of work!
    I see Keith wearing shorts — how warm is it there? We’ve warmed up to 29f here in SW Ohio!

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