And I’m done!

My quilting marathon is finished. I had a goal of 10 for the month but since the pillow shams for my Aunt were equal to the size of a small quilt I’m calling it 11 quilted!. Here’s her queen size quilt.

Pantograph is Bountiful Feathers. I was nice and trimmed it for her too. I’ll ship it back to her and it will be ready to bind.


  1. It’s a beautiful quilt! And beautifully quilted. Put your feet up and enjoy a glass of wine. You have accomplished your goals!

  2. Congrats exceeding your month March goal. 6our Aunts quilt is pretty as is the quilt motif.
    Enjoy a couple of days rest before your April challenge 🙂

  3. Mary, it is gorgeous. I adore purples. Love the panto and so glad you accomplished your goal +!

  4. I’m normally not a “purple person” but this quilt? I LOVE this one! You’ve outdone yourself on it! Your lucky aunt! What pattern is this? PS: The panto is perfect-o!

  5. WOW, I love this quilt, it’s beautiful. I like the panto, I have it too and it always dresses up a quilt. And congratulations on meeting and exceeding your goal. Now time to take it easy.

  6. A very pretty purple quilt. Knowing it completed your goal list is probably very satisfying.

  7. Wow, that;’s really beautiful, Mary. Love all the purples, and the pantograph is perfect!

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