Do you still have your diplomas? If you’d asked me a day ago I would have said probably not but I found them on a shelf so I must have handled them sometime within the last 6 years but have no memory of it. I snapped a photo of them just in case I forget where I put them again! Not that I’ve needed them in the last 39 years.


  1. My Grade 8 diploma stares at me every day in the bedroom, and I believe that my nursing school diploma is kicking around here somewhere… I’ve been “retired” for a number of years now, so I really don’t need either of them any more! Today might be the day that I do something about that.

  2. You might display your diplomas. My brother in law found a diploma of my Aunt’s who was an RN who went to a Medical Librarian course in Halifax, NS. My middle name is her first name and I have loved her dearly. He bought this Diploma at a “garage sale” after she had died. This he gave to me. I cherish this. It is displayed in my sewing room. You never know who might be encouraged by seeing your Diplomas! I remember Her and our Happy times together and think of how amazing she was.

  3. My diplomas reside in a cedar chest at the foot of my bed. I don’t have a clue what other treasures are stashed in there.

  4. Yes I do – somewhere in the house. My master’s degree diploma is in the drawer of the antique desk in my living room. I should find the HS and BS diplomas and put them all together. I think my BS is rolled up, but my HS one is in a red padded folder.

  5. I have all of my diplomas somewhere, maybe one or two are still at my mother’s house. I recognize your Nursing school. I’m from that area and knew some Pittmans from Courtland. Any relation?

  6. I’m not sure where my high school diploma is, but I do have my BS and MM on my wall in my office in nice frames with special school mats. I work as an academic advisor, so I think it’s encouraging to students to see them.

  7. Oh yes! Those were hard-earned. My BSN, my Nursing License, my Certification are all framed and in my quilt studio (they were in my work office until I retired). My HS isn’t framed but I know exactly where it is.

  8. A nurse! Ok I learned something new about you today. You’re decluttering reports are helping me. I’m working right along with you 🙂

  9. And what about those yearbooks from nursing school. Mine is from 1966. I am truly getting up there.

  10. I have mine and my husband’s in my dresser. My son finally finished his master’s degree (after 11 years of only needing 2 classes) and his wife hung it on the living room wall. All our yearbooks are in a cedar chest.

  11. We have our diplomas and year books. I also have my parents year books from the 1930’s. They are all in my parents cedar chest that is about 70 years old. I have thought about getting rid of them because who is going to want them when we are gone….not our kids. But I can’t just yet. Probably when we downsize even more. At some point they will need to go for sure.

  12. I di have my diplomas but my real treasure is my Grandfather’s diploma. I have his Virginia Tech diploma framed with a photo of his 1932 football team that is famous in Hokie lore for something that I don’t remember. I spent hundred more framing his real sheepskin than I did mine!

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