They’re waiting for me

My camera notifications were going off repeatedly this morning and afternoon but I was busy … on my hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen floor and then shredding another 2 tons of documents. I also got a phone call from the movers and we have a confirmed date with them to pick up here and deliver to Big Canoe mid June. So when I took a break to see what was going on at the house … I was thrilled to see all my visitors from today up close and personal … I think they’re looking for me don’t you?!


  1. I noticed she was limping a little as well. I also noticed how green the trees are there too, ours are still waiting for warm weather here in Saskatchewan Canada. Hopefully it warms up soon, it’s been very cool this month.

  2. Oh deer.. you seem to have a sore leg.. I hope you do not have to run from a predator..

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