Grocery bags

I like using the plastic grocery bags to line my bathroom trash cans and I’ve just been stuffing them in drawers so when someone else (Chris) requested a bag holder, I decided to see if I could make one. I looked at several patterns but didn’t use any of them. I just took a piece of fabric that was about 16 x 22, made a casing on both ends, threaded elastic through making the bottom a little more gathered, sewed a French seam to join in the round, and then made a hanging loop. The next two I made, I used a piece of fabric that was 16 x 20 because I didn’t think they needed to be quite as long.


  1. I have made a number of those as well! It’s a fun way to make a (small) dent in the stash!

  2. Those bags are very handy. I had one for years that my mother had made for me, but I think one of the girls “borrowed” it when they moved to their first apartment. I should make another for myself. LOL

  3. Before COVID, I used canvas bags for my groceries, and then stores requested shoppers to not bring their own bags.I ended up with a LOT of plastic grocery bags. I reused as many as I could, and then discovered the Parks Dept. was requesting bags for people to use for their dogs’ waste. It’s time to give them several more bags stuffed with bags.

  4. i have been saving (hoarding!!) plastic bags for lining my trash cans too…and using them for potato peelings etc.
    Who knows how long we will have them at all…
    hugs, julierose

  5. Mary, I love your bag. I hope you get lots of use out of it before plastic bags get eliminated in your area. Our town moved to all paper bags maybe 4 years ago and they cost $.10 each. We also weren’t allowed to use reusable bags for a long time during COVID. Now I’m immunocompromised so only do curbside pickup. So now I get hundreds of paper bags. I drop them off at the local consignment shop. They are thrilled to get bags.

  6. I have one of those bags which is now empty very useful. Plastic bags have been phased out here,Its bring your own or buy a paper or cloth tote

  7. Plastic grocery bags are now a thing of the past in Australian supermarkets. Those plastic bag storage creations used to be quite the thing in markets here.

  8. Plastic bags are a thing of the past in the PNW now. We have to use reusable bags. I have a hoarded stash of plastic bags because I also use them in my trash cans. I have one of these bag holders that I refill as I use them.

  9. Plastic bags are still used in Boise, ID. I’ve been thinking of making these for awhile but haven’t gotten around to it. Thanks for the info, I just might get off my duff and finally make one!

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