The weekend

I hope you all had a good weekend. We did! Mom and I sewed some both days … by tomorrow Mom should be finished with her 3 yard quilt top, I made progress on my Lantern quilt, and I machine stitched the binding on the Turtle quilt but since I’m going to give it to Mom to give away, she’s going to hand stitch that one down.

We also went downstairs for a little while on Saturday to rummage through my fabric. We chose a backing for her sailboat quilt, I shared some of my novelty prints from the masks bin for another one of her projects, and we chose some fabrics for couple more quilts. She’s going to go home with lots to work on and at the rate she’s sewing, she’ll be leaving more tops here for me to quilt too.

We watched the Ryder Cup too. Keith and I don’t watch a lot of golf anymore but the Ryder Cup is always fun … even more so when we win! Mom was a golfer so she enjoyed watching too. Does it look like this around your house when everyone is watching TV? All of us sitting under quilts!

We also started another 5 Crowns “tournament” … we decided on a 3 day timespan and are playing 2-3 games per day (it’s quicker with just the 3 of us). I’ve won 2 of the 5 games so far but overall I’m in last place because of some bad luck …. Mom’s in first place but tomorrow is the last day of the “tournament” so we’ll see who comes out on top.

We did take a break from sewing, cards, and watching golf to enjoy the porch this evening before dinner. We’re thoroughly enjoying our visit!


  1. We still have our A/C on so no wrapping up in quilts here. It’s wonderful to have family visits and it’s obvious you all are enjoying your mother’s visit.

  2. What a fun weekend! So happy you can have this time with your mom doing a variety of things, especially so many things with quilts.
    FYI: The Ryder Cup was just up the road/lake from where I live, so it was a special weekend around here. I’m also am not a golfer, but you can’t help but get caught up in the excitement of such a special event.

  3. Yes – our house does look like that when we’re watching TV. Everyone needs a quilt to snuggle under. LOL We did watch a lot of the Ryder Cup this weekend, but mostly in the evening because Dave recorded it. And yesterday I watched the Vikings finally win . Yay!

  4. SEW glad to see you are enjoying your Mom’s visit, Mary!! Around here, I’m more apt to be seen snuggling in a quilt in the mornings. We moved last month, so the TV hasn’t been set up yet.

  5. It’s chilly in the morning, so I’m wrapped in a quilt when I catch up in the news and read blogs. Your Mom has a beautiful smile. Good luck in the tournament.

  6. I’ve never played 5 crowns… We play Canasta around here but I’m always on the lookout for good card games.

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