My Dino Town Square quilt is bound. It’s the last one I had here needing binding so I’m caught up for now but after Mom’s visit I’m going to have to crank up the longarm and keep it running to finish up a bunch of the tops sitting around waiting. Pattern for this one is from Fabric Cafe.


  1. So cute!! I may use this pattern for my son’s golf quilt since I am having some issues with finding golf material. This would be quick and easy and exactly what I need right now. I did find some material on Etsy but I am still waiting for one of them to get here. My son is still in ICU, 7 weeks tomorrow. He is starting to wake up from all the sedation meds they had him on. He now has a tracheostomy. Hopefully just temporary. And hopefully he will be going to a rehabilitation facility soon to further recover from this horrible nightmare.

  2. The greens in the blocks really highlight the green in the dinosaurs! Great combination!

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