Don’t ask me how late I slept today – I was up until 7:30 am! I did get down to the longarm room and loaded and quilted my Bright Tumbler top. Quilted freehand with wonky flowers from the Pajama Quilter. Dawn calls the pattern Stylized Stipple – Floral but mine are pretty wonky so that’s what I call them. It’s one of those things that you see every wobble, every error when you’re quilting them but when you take it off the machine, you go … wow, that’s not too bad! This is #3 of 21 to be quilted by the end of November.

Unfortunately, Dawn’s DVDs are no longer available but you can look at a couple short videos on her Pajama Quilter website. Click on the link below each DVD to see the links to view the videos. I keep hoping Dawn will release these videos again – she has such a great approach to quilting. Very relaxed and low stress and the designs she shares come out looking really good. I also hope that one day she’ll make NEW videos but in the meantime, I need to look through my workbooks and choose some more to try. I tend to do the same few.

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  1. Oh, the Tumbler quilt just cried out, “please make me!” I’m off to grab my template and scraps. Thanks for the inspiration, Mary!

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