This simple ripple blanket is done and all the ends are already woven in! That’s pretty impressive for me.

I can mark this off my list and I also donated 15 quilts today … another one of December’s goals met.

I guess I kind of like crocheting this easy blanket … I was adding it to my Ravelry project list and saw this is the 15th time I’ve made it.


  1. Another pretty one!! I always think of my mom when I see the Ripple afghans. Some day I may have to give a try to making one myself.

  2. I am sure it is a satisfying feeling to donate all those quilts and think about them keeping people warm !!! I also think of who may be inspired to work on making their own quilt , a young person making an effort to try something because they find inspiration in what you have done. Your quilts are all beautiful and will all find a place where they are used and enjoyed

  3. Very pretty!! You have blessed so many people with your quilts and afghans. I’m sure they are very much appreciated. Someday I would like to donate some but right now I have a hard time getting family ones done. I need to knit baby hats and donate those. Quick, easy and needed I believe. You are amazing!!!

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