After debating what my next yarn project would be … I chose two. I decided to abandon the crochet blanket with tension issues and restart using a shell pattern so that one’s in progress AND I decided to start another scarf. This is an easy waffle stitch pattern and it’s working up nicely in my Yowza yarn! Knitting this one is inspiring me to pull out my knitting stitch dictionary and see if I can find any other simple stitch patterns I like and make up my own rectangular scarf pattern. You can find this pattern free on Ravelry.

When I come across a free pattern on a site that has a lot of ads and ”extra” information, I like to get rid of the distractions and copy and paste the instructions into a simple document that I can use in my KnitCompanion app.

Tomorrow I’m going to start a fat quarter quilt!


  1. Gorgeous, Mary!! Copying and pasting the pattern into your app is a good idea. I have a habit of writing out the pattern line by line on index cards. Additional work, but it keeps me on track with the pattern as I knit.

  2. I’ll try copying and pasting next time I find a pattern I like. The ads do get annoying and I get more confused than I alreay was!

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