I’ve got a lot of leftovers from the red/white/black/gray Woven Bricks quilt and I’m searching for ideas so once again I went to look at my own quilts. I’m leaning toward a simplified version of this Beige Squares quilt that was made in the first year and a half of my quilting journey – probably 2001.

I even found my old EQ drawing. It’s interesting that I drafted this to be pieced in a log cabin way since I would piece it differently today adding the side pieces first and then the top and bottom.

I’m not sure if this is how I’ll use the leftovers … and I’m thinking I’ll piece a quilt with different fat quarters first but this is my plan for them for now.

  • Quilt size is 50 x 70
  • Block size is 10 inches finished (10.5 inches with seam allowances)
  • Strips are cut 2.5 inches


  1. I love your plan for the red,black gray,white leftovers. I will be a great way to use them up.

  2. I like your pattern, but it’s 3 colors. Are you going to substitute the gray for the white or black? Or just mix them? I sure it will be pretty.

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