Quilt Notes

You might wonder why I bother to create quilt notes on some of these simple quilts like the Pinwheels and the 9 Patch. When I share a quilt on the blog, I frequently get questions about block size or quilt size even with simple patterns and it’s easier to write up some brief notes to share with everyone rather than type the same thing in response to several emails. In fact, that’s how my website began. I would show a quilt on the blog and people would ask what pattern I’d used. Since I don’t use patterns very often, I’d email them back with the details … it was easier to post some brief instructions or even briefer quilt notes on the website and direct people there.

So now you can find some brief quilt notes for the Pinwheel quilt by clicking here.

And brief notes on the 9 patch quilt by clicking here.

And another reason I write these up? Because in the future when I go to remake them, I don’t have to think it all through again!


  1. Many thanks for the instructions. You are most helpful and I love seeing all your finished quilts.

  2. I sometimes use your notes. I am never content to do a just like so I modify to fit the fabrics I have to work with. Some prints work better as 6 inch blocks than 9 inch blocks the strippies have been made with many varied strip widths. Know that many baby quilts or comfort quilts have been made from your notes. I just made notes for a couple of quick Christmas quilts based on your notes.

  3. Thanks for these notes, I’ll print them out so I can use them. Pretty quilts from simple patterns, just my style.

  4. I love all your quilts I occasionally use the notes as written, but sometimes they are just an inspiration for the quilt I am making.

  5. Thank you for sharing your notes and patterns. They are so helpful and provide just enough information to help make a beautiful quilt… whether it is for a gift or to give away to a charity. Your generosity is so very much appreciated!

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