Planning my April projects

I’m looking at patterns and gathering yarn to pack for our trip to Maine.

I tend to stick to a few patterns that I really like although occasionally I will try new ones so I started by looking at my projects in Ravelry and choosing these 3 to remake and pulled yarn for them.

I’m also taking yarn for this knit corner to corner blanket although I don’t expect to get all 4 done since I’ll be working on knitting scarves too.

I’ve never spent an entire month just knitting and crocheting without doing any quilting so we’ll see how many projects I can actually complete. I like to have choices when I’m ready to begin a project so I’ll be sure to have extras (not that I can’t find yarn in Maine if needed)!


  1. I was going to suggest a corner to corner afghan – crocheted! I didn’t realize that you could knit them too… It looks like you’re going to be just about as busy with projects as you are at home!

  2. The knit corner-to-corner looks like a giant dishcloth. I never thought of doing that for a blanket!. I’ve made dozens of dishcloths. My favorite knit blanket is a basket weave with garter edges: k4, p4 blocks. And I’m going to download Robin Beers’ blanket stitch pattern – I think it’s the mystery stitch someone used for the little blankie the rescue group gave me when I adopted my cat. He’s now four, and still loves it. Have a good trip!

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