Isolation continues

We’re lucky the cottage here has an extra bedroom allowing us to sleep in separate rooms during this isolation period. While we do spend a little time together in the living room wearing masks and with the entire width of the room between us, I’ve been staying upstairs and Keith downstairs.

And look, we even managed to find a digital Upwords app so yesterday evening when he was feeling a little better and was bored, we were able to play from our separate rooms. We played again tonight and right now we’re tied, 3 wins each (you know I’m always keeping score!)

This was COVID day 4 and Keith is doing better. I’m expecting to be able to end his isolation after tomorrow (5 days per CDC guidelines) if his symptoms don’t worsen again. His biggest issue by the end of the day today was his fatigue. The fever is gone for now (hopefully for good) and the cough and headache have improved. He’s still fairly congested. His sense of taste is diminished but luckily not gone completely and he did enjoy the chicken nachos I fixed for dinner.

And of course assuming we can end his isolation, per the CDC guidelines we’ll both continue to wear masks for an additional 5 days in any indoor setting including at home when we’re in the same room. He has vacation time scheduled this week, some half days and a full day on Thursday because we expected my Mom and brother to be visiting and I’m hoping we can get outside together and enjoy some of our favorite Maine spots.

Yesterday was rainy and I wasn’t able to get out for anything other than a few quick potty walks with Finn but today was sunny so Finn and I walked on the beach and to the bluff – Finn loves the beach even if I don’t let him off leash like the other dogs!


  1. I’m happy to hear Keith is gradually starting to feel better. I love that you found the Upwords app and can continue your “tournament.”

  2. So happy Keith is on the mend, and you are able to continue your tournaments. I hope he continues to improve and you are able to get out and enjoy your time in Maine.

  3. So happy he is feeling better. I hear giving in to the fatigue is a positive in long term recovery but everyone has a n opinion and most are oppositional. Hope you are a-ok soon Keith.

  4. That is good news about Keith. I hope he continues to do better. I am sorry your Mother and brother are not able to come, but it is better safe than sorry. I continue to pray that you don’t get it now, I know you are being careful.

  5. Good to hear some better news about Keith ?(Pickleman?). I hope your Mom is feeling better too.
    Positive thoughts for all. Stay healthy, Mary.

  6. sounds like things are progressing well and you have a grip on it all. Bless your heart. Take care of yourself also.

  7. Glad to hear that your husband is feeling better. Our house is so small I don’t know what we’d do if one of us had to isolate from the other but that’s the most common problem in Japan anyway. Everyone is on top of everyone else.

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