Another HeartStrings top from AnnG. It’s #4 of 12+ to be quilted in the next few weeks. Pantograph is Leafy Love. I love quilting hearts on HeartStrings quilts!

Yesterday I dug into the 1/2 yard bin for the binding on the first Heartstrings quilt … And found the perfect binding for it.

I didn’t have one that I liked for this top in that bin so I pulled out the stripes and found one that works. Both quilts are ready for me to hand stitch the binding but I’ll wait until Keith is home. I do my binding late at night and when I’ve got Finn he insists on sitting in the chair with me. When Keith is home, he goes to bed most nights with Keith and I go back downstairs to work.


  1. Another pretty quilt. It’s funny what dogs do, I sure love them. My two dogs like to get in bed with my husband for awhile but usually desert him for me. They love him but they love my cuddles more.

  2. I love this style of quilt and that red centre. I made one with dark blue centres for a friends daughter; now I want to make one with more colourful strips, sometime soon 🙂

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