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I’m getting email complaints from people about an ad that’s connected to a link or an email to my Carpenter Star pattern.

Problem is I don’t have ads either on my website or the blog here and I don’t send out emails about my patterns on the website so someone else is using my pattern/link and I have NO control over that.

I’m assuming most of the angry emails are coming from people who don’t read the blog but it’s always best to go to my website directly rather than clicking on links on other sites.


OK, I’ve just figured it out … I went to my web stats to look at referrals. There’s a referral link that takes you to my Carpenter Star page … but look at the web address … and there’s an ad. It’s a made up web address.

Now look at MY link … you see the web address is and there’s no ad. Not sure I can do anything about this but again it’s always best to go directly to my website rather than clicking on an external link found on another site! (Unless it’s found here of course)!


  1. I don’t remember who the email was from, but the link was sent as “one of her favorite” patterns. I don’t think any harm was meant, but I know that people will think what they want.

  2. I see many quilts on FB and the link is wrong if you click on it. I’ve learned to not click there anymore. I wonder if it’s a tracking device. I know that there is a site on FB that shows a beautiful gorgeous quilt and then the woman says people say it’s ugly and thousands say it’s beautiful. It’s a scam. Never ever get the pattern that shows the free site. So I guess they are using your quilts and name.

  3. Could it possibly be an RSS reader? I use Feedly, which doesn’t have any ads, and doesn’t generate any emails, Maybe Bloglovin”? I’ve never used it, so don’t know for sure. But I recall seeing complaints about Bloglovin’ and ads. What a pain for you to have to deal with it.

  4. Sheesh. People need to LEARN to pay attention. I mean seriously, Mary does NOT send out emails unless she responds to a comment.

    Ya’ll need to be doing a scan for viruses on your devices!.

    I’m sorry Mary that you’re getting the wrath of people who don’t pay attention.

    • Totally agree with you, Elle – people just fire off angry emails without any investigation first! Mary’s blog (and website) is one of the very few that don’t have adverts.

  5. So sorry you having to deal with this … mess. If you have a ‘techie’ family member I would call them! If this was an access from your Web site, you might need to tighten your protection protocols.

  6. Sorry you have to deal with this. You are kind and generous and don’t deserve this kind of treatment.

  7. Love your blog and just printed Carpenter Star to make again. I’ve seen a lot of people using it recently, which probably is the reason for a scammer to want to use it for traffic. Sorry you have to deal with it as it’s such a good pattern.

  8. Many people don’t understand the whole URL address information. I would never click on a link that came in an unsolicited email. I also know that you do not send out emails unless I have commented on your site. But even if you did have ads on your site it would be a small price to pay for being able to access your quilt patterns that you post for free.
    Have you noticed how intolerant people are becoming? Or aggressive behind the wheel? It is a strange world we now live in.

  9. The digital world is so confusing to me… When something doesn’t go right on my computer (for anything, payments, online classes, password errors) I can feel my blood pressure soar! I’d love to do without this computer or Smartphone but I admit I use it a lot and love it when it works like I want it to…

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