I got distracted again today – intending to ignore the binding that’s waiting to be done and start a pink and brown quilt … but first, I wanted to piece a flannel back for the fish quilt. I’ve been meaning to deal with all the leftover flannel for a while. I’ve used the leftovers from backings for years for the back of doll quilts and given Mom a bunch for burp cloths too but it still piles up.

This is just one bin of it. There’s another bin that’s a little larger with more and I intended to just piece chunks together for scrappy backings but then Stephanie shared a simple squares quilt a while back and I decided I could use them for kids quilts maybe?!

Keith walked downstairs today and looked at the design wall and said he didn’t care for this one …You won’t hurt my feelings if you don’t particularly care for the leftover quilts I’ve been working on the last couple weeks but I just can’t let these them go to waste and I do think they are fun for kids.

First I just drafted a really quick guide so I’d know how many squares I’d need from the different fabrics for the diagonal rows.

Squares are cut 5.5 inches because that’s a good size for the narrower trimmings from the backings. Some leftover chunks are bigger than others too which is fine because I need more of some squares than others.

Blocks are set 8 across and 10 down for a quilt that will be 40 x 50. I did get started on assembling the top so that might get finished up this weekend if I find some time to work.

As you can imagine, this didn’t even begin to use up the fabric in both bins so there will likely be more of these simple ones … at least I have a plan now for these leftovers.

Earlier in the day I went for a massage and then a hike … follow that with a few hours sewing downstairs and I’d call that a really nice day! Can you believe it was a lovely 73 degrees today – in the middle of August?! And the leaves are already just beginning to change colors. It’s seems early for that but fall will be here soon and that makes me happy. We’re loving having the change of seasons again.

I saw the Dr yesterday and am happy to report that after just 2 days on meds – prednisone and a muscle relaxant – my pain has gone from almost intolerable to just being a nuisance. He feels like I have a herniated disc but that I should have been doing better after 7 weeks so I’m glad he jumped right in with the meds. He also sent me for an X-ray which showed multilevel disc degeneration… probably not completely unexpected for someone over 50 … but worries me that I’ve got more of these episodes in my future. For now I’m just happy to be feeling better.


  1. So glad you’re feeling better! I’m experiencing sciatic pain this week and I’m interested to know there’s relief available. I’ll give my primary a call next week and see if she’ll help me out. Thanks! P.S. I like your simple flannel quilt, and look forward to seeing what comes next.

  2. I actually really like the quilt, Mary. It’s simple but effective. Glad you’ve finally got some relief from your back pain.

  3. I always love seeing what you’re up to, mostly quiltwize that is, and seeing your flanel design I agree with Keith. I wanted to show you a photo of a simple but so gorgeous quilt I saved this month for inspiration later on, to find out it had your name on it. It’s with lovely childrens fabric squares with four patch blocks in between. The four patches all have the same white fabric with stars combined with plain colors, the border is black with colored confetti. I think if you did the same with the flanel you’re making, it would be so much more fun to look at, the four patches will frame all the pretty printed flannels. But yes I heard you the first time, we don’t have to like it. Kind regards from the Netherlands, hope my bluntness didn’t offend you. (It’s true what they say about us Dutch folks, we are very direct, don’t beat around the bush and don’t play nice only to be polite, but we do mean well and appreciate honesty)

  4. People can’t always expect a quilt to be a 10. Sometimes a seven that uses some scraps that otherwise may go to waste is good enough. For the child that has nothing that 7 is amazing and thoughtful. I don’t love all of your quilts as 10s but I love all of them. I don’t have your color eye or ability so my leftover quilts struggle to be 5s, some of my original quilts struggle to be 7s but all are made with love and gifted to someone who appreciates them. You share your gift willingly and know that a slightly imperfect quilt is so much better than no quilt at all. Keep sharing the fabric love.

  5. I make all my Linus project quilts and ones donated to church as gifts to children being
    baptized from flannel. They are usually a simple 9 patch or a stripey taken from one of your quilt ideas with a solid flannel back. I find they are well loved by children. I recognize several of the fabrics in your quilt and some child will love it. My husband doesn’t like my crumb quilts (from quilting cotton), they are much too busy for him…I tell him it doesn’t matter as they are not for him and they make good donation quilts for the nursing home.

  6. Happy to hear you are doing better on those meds…be sure to rest–I found that a short lie down every day really helped me, too..and I am taking short walks with rest stops when the back starts to hurt…but as you said more a nuisance–at long last–tolerable…

    I like the way you set those squares–some child will really love this quilt i am sure…
    nice work hugs, Julierose

  7. I’m happy to hear you are feeling better now. And thanks for the information about the medication your doctor gave you. I try to stay active and stretch my legs out the full length and not twist from my waist, and my sciatica hasn’t bothered me too much. I like your flannel quilt except for the lavender squares, they are just too blah for me. But I expect it will be a comfy quilt.

  8. Glad to hear the meds are working their magic, Mary! Regarding the quilt design up on the design wall… I don’t see one thing wrong with it. SEW perfect for using up scraps and a kid will totally LOVE it!!

  9. Glad to hear you’re on the mend! I think a child will fall in love with this quilt. It will be cozy and warm and has lots to look at and find.

  10. I’m glad you’ve had relief from the worst of the back pain. Life is hard when we hurt. I like this kid quilt. I’ve found that the quilts we might see as less attractive or interesting turn out to be well loved by kids.

  11. I’m happy that you are feeling some better Mary. Life presents many challenges. I am finally able to be t the cottage. It was a bit scary last night, the first one since the accident, but all went well, and tgis morning i a beginning to believe that I may have some fun times ahead. Change in life is the only constant. enjoy the weekend

  12. Good news that you are feeling better. Growing older is a lot of maintenance. I agree someone will appreciate your comfy quilt. Our quilt group uses scraps of fabric cut into squares to make quilts which are donated to the critical care unit of one of our local hospitals. We are always surprised at some of the pretty designs we come up with from leftover scraps.

  13. Glad to hear that you have some relief from all the pain. Makes life so much easier and enjoyable. I like the quilt and kids don’t always critique things the way adults do. It’ll be soft and comfy to snuggle up with. Thanks for sharing!

  14. I like the scrappy kid’s quilt, big squares are especially appealing to kids, more so than tiny pieces in an intricate setting – that’s my experience with four grandchildren anyway.
    Question: do you prewash your flannel? I’ve used flannel once on a backing and was glad I prewashed it. I don’t prewash my regular quilting cottons.

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