Monkey Wrench

The blocks are done and ready to be assembled … with any luck over the next few days I’ll get the top done. It’s simple but I’m happy with how this one is turning out!

After finishing the blocks, I started hand stitching the binding on the Rainbow HeartStrings quilt. I’m being careful not to sit and stitch more than 30 minutes at a time without getting up and doing another activity … I’ve done 2 “ 30 minute sessions” so far and am a little more than halfway done so this will probably be finished tonight or tomorrow.

I won’t get any quilting done this week – it was kind of silly to think I’d be up to that yet but I’m very happy to be sewing and happy for the progress I have made.


  1. I really like this top. It’s also one of my favorite blocks to make. Your various brown and pink fabrics make this a winner.

  2. Love the colors and the design of this one. Please go easy, I hate to hear that your pain is unbearable. I am glad you are progressing.

  3. Without goals you would go nuts. Sometimes you just imagine more than reality allows but you seem to adjust well. You are doing so much considering your level of pain over the weekend.

  4. I am so happy you are moving forward. You are a busy person, and sitting would drive you nuts! I really love this quilt, and am putting on my to-do list.

  5. I think you are accomplishing a lot for having been in the hospital last week. My husband’s doctor says to get up and walk around the house at least every 20 minutes. When we are doing hand crafts it is so easy to just sit and sit and sit. The time goes by so quickly. I guess using a timer would be good idea. Your quilt is very pretty!!

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