Ready to assemble

I’ve had several appointments this week and my progress is slow but I’ve got all the Split 9 Patch blocks made and they’re ready to assemble. There’s also been some more knitting and I’m working on the crown decreases on hat #2. I’d hoped to get a binding on quilt #4 but I only got as far as choosing a fabric for the binding and cutting it … with any luck it will get sewn on and hand stitched this weekend.

I love how this one is turning out but my plan to use up the leftovers from the Monkey Wrench quilt didn’t work out so well… I kept digging in my scraps and pulling out different fabrics to add in and the leftovers seemed to have multiplied!

I’m done with pink and brown for now so this will all be put away for another day.


  1. Tremendous job. I love the colors. I am glad you are able to get more medical appointments behind you. It is a challenge.

  2. Enter the quilters’ dilemma–using leftovers and STILL having a big scrap pile at the end;)))I think they multiply overnight–at least mine seem to I doLOVE this quilt–such a pretty piece–nice work [hope you are still taking it easy!! ] hugs, Julierose

  3. That looks great. I agree that scraps do seem to multiply. I have a goal of getting my patriotic fabrics organized today when I kit up some QOV pillowcases, because I’ve stirred them up, and now the container is overflowing again.

  4. I love that design, and the pink and brown. I would not have thought to put those colors together but it is beautiful! I hope all your appointments give some answers for permanent recovery. Take care!!

  5. If you really want to use up the fabric rather than adding it back to the stash then make a scrappy back. I do this a lot when I’ve made a couple of quilts from a color group. It really helps reduce the stash.

  6. I really like the pink and brown! How large is this top? I just finished a red, white and blue from my stash except purchased two blue FQ.

  7. You claim your progress is slow – you are doing quite a bit!. Every day I check in and you have more and more done. Makes me feel that I should get in gear and get something finished.

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