I need to get Organized!

Can you believe it’s almost December?! I need to get myself organized and get some progress made on my binding. Today, I found fabric for the two group HeartStrings quilts I have left to do and cut the bindings. I also sewed the binding on the Birdie and Triangles quilt and it’s ready to hand stitch down. I won’t get all 3 done before I leave on Friday but they’re in progress.

There was a Lightning game last night and tonight and I worked on my shell blanket making progress on that too. The Bolts won last night in overtime but lost tonight. They play again on Thursday night so I should make more progress on this one.

I also cast on Hats #21 and #22. I’m going to take them with me on my trip to Virginia. I probably won’t have much time to work on them while I’m there but it’s a 9+ hour drive each way and I’ll knit some in the car.

My back surgery to relieve the spinal nerve compression has been scheduled for December 19th so I have a list of things I want to get done before that in the sewing room – quilt and bind the Strippie and get it mailed off before Christmas; piece a Jelly Roll top for our December Precut Challenge; and I’ll also want to line up some easy piecing to do during my recovery from surgery and luckily I’ll have my knitting and crochet to work on too. Of course, I’ll need to finish up a few things to get ready for Christmas too. We’ll have a very quiet holiday.

I’ve got to get Finn to grooming tomorrow and I’ll get some binding done. Are YOU ready for the holidays? They’re coming up so fast!


  1. It seems you have a lot on your plate now. I’m taking a winter 6 month vacation in Texas and having quiet holidays. I might make some cookies, I will put up a tree and a few decorations but that’s it. My Christmas holidays from the past were so incredibly stressful that I never want to be a part of it again. I’m much older than you and my memories will suffice. I will keep you in my thoughts as you travel and get ready for surgery. Take care.

  2. Good to have your trip to Virginia and surgery dates set so you can make plans. We’re in reactive mode this year, waiting to see what other family members can do – its nice to be the flexible ones! I did put a wreath on the front door over the weekend, and some evergreen twigs along the mantle so things feel a little bit seasonal.

    Best of luck with your travel and surgery!


  3. Glad to hear you have a date set for your surgery, Mary. Think of it as a positive step forward. Wishing you the best as you try and accomplish things before you go on your trip and then have surgery. It sounds like you’re very good at pacing yourself, and that is sometimes the best way to get things done.
    We’re kind of waiting to see how Christmas will look this year. My sister just had knee replacement surgery on Monday, so we are waiting to see how her recovery from that goes. So far it’s going as expected. We got a few decorations up before Thanksgiving, but will just take it one day at a time.

  4. I’m glad you can travel to see your mom before the back surgery. Will you have to stay in hospital for very long for that? My husband had spinal surgery on his neck about 4 years ago and they only kept him overnight. I was skeptical but he did recuperate quickly from it. He had 2 disks replaced that were compressing the nerves to his back, arms, and legs. It was a big success thankfully.

  5. Whew! I’m worn out again just reading all you have done. I am not read for Christmas, but there is always hope! HaH

  6. Oh, Mary,
    Sorry you need surgery to relieve your pain, but praying it does the job without too much post-op pain for you. Hope your recovery goes smoothly, and you are back to yourself very soon after surgery. Will be thinking of you on December 19. Hugs.

  7. Oh dear. I hope your surgery goes successfully and that you will have a short recovery time. Christmas time can either be terribly busy or very slow but it looks like you will take advantage of the quiet indoor season. Thinking of you!

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