Drawstring bags

I’ve been making a bunch of drawstring bags the last few days and after searching for tutorials and not finding one that worked for me I wrote my own so I’d remember how I did these next time I want to make a gift bag.

You can find my instructions on the website at this link.

I won’t show all of them but some little girl might get one that matches her reading pillow!


  1. I just made my first drawstring bag a couple of days ago. It was very easy and really cute. It is a free pattern and the website is https://chicnscratch.com She also has a YouTube video where she shows you each step. It is not very big but you can just add inches to make it bigger. I plan on making a couple of bigger ones now.

  2. I love making gift bags for my friends and family. all sizes can be useful, and the kids will sometimes use the bags after the opening for collections of their lego or other small piece toys.

  3. I’ve made a few drawstring bags and filled them with travel size toiletries. I have a few to drop off at the local safe house right before Christmas.

  4. I made 80 bags last year for “Days for Girls”. If you aren’t familiar with the program, it’s girls personal product kits to keep them from missing school on “those days”.

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