1. When our cat was on the very long decline it was great to have amazing care givers to board her with. My daughters said not just when they are ill but always. The kennel called daily and told us how her day went and I was impressed. The kennel my younger daughter uses calls her daily to reassure her that her dog that hasn’t had a seizure and is taking his medicine. It really makes leaving your very special pet alone witout you bearable.

  2. Its great to have a good boarding kennel, our k9s love going on “holiday” I always check the daily photos to see what they have been up to and who they are playing with. Enjoy your time in Maui

  3. It must be hard to find a kennel for a pet as they can’t really tell you what the like and dislike about them. My John doesn’t have the option but he doesn’t seem to mind going back to the vet who gave him to us years ago. And they always welcome him back.

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