My Scrappy Geese is finished … my first UFO finish of the year and #2 of 15 to be quilted and finished by the end of April. My goal is to keep up with binding as I quilt these 15 tops.

I just LOVE this quilt and will definitely be making this one again. Have you noticed I’m becoming fond of flying geese? Brief instructions for this one can be found on the website at this link.

In addition to getting back into my quilting groove, I need to resume my walking … it was a beautiful day here for a walk at the Meadows.


  1. I absolutely LOVE the woven movement of this quilt! And your walk… it looks so out of place compared to parts of CA. Where I live in Sacramento, we don’t get snow in the valley, unless is a really freak weather event that happens no more than once in a decade. However, in the Sierra to the east of us, boy howdy. I was looking at the snow level at Mammoth Lakes and they have up to 56 FEET of snow this year. Houses and lodges are buried. If someone is lucky enough to have shoveled a path, it’s like looking at pictures of the Siq, that narrow gorge trail to the ancient city of Petra in Jordan.

  2. I love this quilt and I love using more scraps, I swear they multiply overnight! I’m so jealous of your springy weather. It’s currently snowing and while it’s lovely to look at, I’m tired of cleaning it up. We have been having several storms a week with 40 degree days between. That means mud! Oh well, more sewingtime……

  3. Your quilt is pretty, your points turn out great each time. I wish I lived near an area that had pretty walking areas. I know it’s probably good for you now after the surgery.

  4. Lovely quilt! Do you have a preferred method for making the flying geese? Yours are so accurate and consistent with your points coming together nicely. There are so many different ways to make this pattern. Some produce multiples. I wondered which method you used and why you chose to use it.Thank you for sharing this beautiful quilt, and the nature pictures with us.

  5. I absolutely love the block concept here. I have used the strips on the side for a couple of quilts and the woven look can be more pronounced with fabric selection. I love the scrappy geese bringing the woven look down by adding more interest to the block center. You did great again!

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