#4 of 15 was loaded and quilted today but I’m not going to share a photo yet because it’s a gift.

I will share photos from my walk today. I ran out to get the mail and packages and walked the nearby trail along the creek to the playfield, did a couple laps and looped back to the car. I feel lucky to have so many options for walking/hiking here with varying degrees of difficulty. This trail is a little challenging because there are lots of roots and rocks and a little elevation but as long as I’m careful where I step I can do it even with the unresolved numbness in my foot and leg.

In addition to quilting, there’s knitting and crochet happening here and I’m trying to empty the bins I toss the backing scraps in … some pieces are big enough to save as is and others get cut into strips for string quilts. I think another Strips and Strings Rail fence is next up for piecing so I’ve got that bin out and am tossing some strips in there.


  1. Spring looks farther along there than here in VA (unsurprising…..). Sorry to hear you are still having some numbness in your foot and leg. Hopefully walking helps get the kinks out.


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