More Dinosaurs

This is a small one of Mom’s I quilted today – #10 of 15. Pantograph is Stegosaurus.

I had that cute Dino fabric that was perfect for one of these panel like quilts that Mom had made a while back so I told her she should take it and use the Accuquilt Dinosaur die with it.

A number of years ago when Mom was not feeling so well but still wanted to be in her sewing room I came up with a quick “pattern” using a focus fabric and some of the appliqué dies she had. She made several of them at that time. We sized them so she could use a single width of fabric on the backing.

Animal Applique Quilts

Cut center panel 27.5 x 35.5

Cut border and corner stones 6.5

Quilt will be approximately 39 x 47


  1. What a great way to use large print fabric. Simple and cute, perfect for little ones. Love seeing the panorama of these quilts that your mom has done, the newest one and those from years ago. It sure is nice that you have the photos from back then to share with us now. So sweet, so fun!

  2. Love all of these quilts, and a child will love them even more. Thanks for sharing the ones from the past.
    I too am interested in how she appliqued the animals on the borders… raw edge or needle turned?

  3. Great idea! I have the cat and dog dies and some cat and dog fabric. Love the dinosaurs! I might have to invest in more dies

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